Sanibel Island Hotels

Welcome! We are so glad you stopped by. We are just back from our yearly trip to Sanibel and we are sad to be back home. If you have never been to Sanibel Island then let me fill you in. Sanibel Island is how Florida used to be. What that means is you will not find 100s of hotels lining the beaches of Sanibel Island. What you will find is a quite, charming island circled with bike paths and wildlife preserves. The residents of Sanibel Island have gone to great lengths to keep the laid back island atmosphere by limiting the number of larger hotels, chain stores, and fast food restaurants on the island. When visiting Sanibel Island most visitors stay for 3 or more nights.

All that said, there are fewer than a 3 dozen hotels or what we most of us have come to know as the modern hotel on Sanibel Island. If you are looking for information on all the hotels on Sanibel you have come to the right place. If you are considering a hotel, but have question please leave a comment. Visitors to the Sanibel Island Hotels website might have an answer for you, so please leave a comment.

Sanibel Island has some of the greatest shell collecting beaches in the world. These beaches bring in travelers from every corner of the globe, and those trailers need a place to stay. Because of the year around appeal Sanibel Island Hotels are some of the greatest hotels between Miami and Tampa Bay. As with any beach destination hotels prices very by season. Surprisingly one of the most inexpensive times to visit and stay in a Sanibel Island Hotel is during the Summer. Winter time on Sanibel attracts many seasonal residents. Due in most part to the mild winter weather and that shell collection is at its best during the winter months. This causes a spike in the demand for Sanibel Island Hotels. Because of that spike you should also look into some of the rentals on Sanibel:

Due to the seasonal influx of residents the best times to visit Sanibel Island is during the very early summer months and early Autumn. During these times the weather is more tolerable, shell collecting is good, hotel prices have dropped, and the Gulf of Mexico is still warm. Trip Advisor also contains a great number of links to hotels on Sanibel.

Sanibel Island Hotels Close to Bike Trails

One of the great attractions to Sanibel is the slow Island life that can be found their. Many residents choose to only use their cars if they need to get off the Island. Otherwise bikes and mopeds are the preferred choice for travailing on the Island. Sanibel Island has paved bike trails that cover the entire island. In many cases it can be fast to travel by bike than by car. Due to this fact all Hotels make it a point to have access to the bike trails and bike racks to store your bike. As well all the hotels have agreements with the different bike rental shops and many have rental bikes on site to rent at a discount. If you are going to rent make sure you look into weeks special.

Sanibel Island Hotels with Beach Access

Most Hotels on Sanibel Island have some kind of beach access. Remember to ask the walking distance to the beach and the amount of time it will take. Some hotels have beach access, but the hotels are not located on the beach. Many residents and overnighters ride a bike to the beach. All hotels that do not have beach access will provided maps to the closest public beach. Sanibel has several public beaches, which are far more private than your average public beach. Since there is a toll fee to drive onto Sanibel Island many of the public beaches do not have heavy use and are very private.